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A seasoned software development and implementation expert with over 12 years cognate working experience having excellent work ethics and business acumen. Dr. Adeogun has led various departments in the IT sector and has Professional certifications in Software Architecture & Design, Test Automation, SQL, SQL POSTGRE, Django, Python, Mongo DB,  js node, COMPTIA, MYSQL, ColdFusion 4.5, Presales, Sales, Implementation of ivend retail, Datprof Foundation- Test Data Management, EFSET Advanced Certificate, Data Science, Data Security and Digital skills to mention a few. He had his secondary education at King's College, Lagos.  A thorough graduate of Theoretical Physics from the University of Lagos, Akoka where he had his first degree. He had his masters degree in Offshore Engineering at the National University of Singapore. He went further for a  doctorate degree in Information Systems from the American University of Nigeria. A member of the following associations:

1. World Economics Association  2. International Society for development and sustainability  3. International Management Research and Technology Consortium 4. Fellow of the International Scientific Research organization for Science, Technology and Engineering   5. Nigerian Association of Mathematical Physics.
He is a Post Doctoral Fellow of the International Scientific Research Organization For Science, Engineering and Technology and a Life Member of the International Scientific Research Organization For Science, Engineering and Technology MAC.
Dr. Adeogun sits on the board of Fenisaas Technologies and 24 Hours Medical Helplines Limited.
He is looking at playing in the political space in the future. He is currently Chairman & Group Managing Director of Tedcom (West Africa) Limited, Tedcom Real Estate, Tedcom Online Retail Store, Tedcom (West Africa) Construction Company Limited and Group Managing Director of W. Camden International Limited. He has been listed as one of the young Nigerians that will make the nation great again.
Tedcom (West Africa) Limited is an Information Technology/ Management Company that has been existing for 25 years providing quality cutting  edge IT services to businesses in Nigeria and in the Western Africa region. Tedcom Real Estate, a subsidiary of Tedcom (West Africa) Limited offer real estate agencies and realtors the technology they need to connect with today’s real estate owners, prospective buyers, tenants and Internet surfers. Tedcom Online Retail Store, a subsidiary of Tedcom (West Africa) Limited is an ecommerce platform that aid customers in ordering, making payments easily and getting their items delivered to their doorsteps without having to visit a physical store. It also helps retailers in receiving payments easily and servicing their customers without having to operate a physical store.

Tedcom (West Africa) Construction Company Limited, a subsidiary of Tedcom (West Africa) Limited has been existing for over two decades providing excellent construction services to both private and public entities. Tedcom (West Africa) Construction Company Limited specializes in construction of buildings, high rises, apartments and estates.

W. Camden International Limited is an independent company,  a telecommunications infrastructure company, set up right here in Africa, to cater for telecoms business needs on the continent. From broadband to mobile telephony; to a focus on local value-added services, our infrastructure offerings are designed to deliver best-in-class services to all your end customers, right across the African marketplace.

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